Spring Recitals, Contest Winners, and MORE April News!

Everything you need to know about Recitals and a BIG welcome to the 95 new NYMC students who enrolled in March!

Recital Sign Ups are OPEN! We have shows running all day at C.W. Post and more at Steinway in Melville.  Performing is an important aspect of learning to play music and we welcome even beginners to take the stage! Our recitals are FREE and offered multiple times each year. If you're not ready just yet, our winter 2019 and Carnegie Hall shows will be here before you know it! Try to sign up in your teacher's slot. If you can't make their time, let us know so we can have another teacher help you out in the recital time of your choice! 

Simply click here to sign up!


Picture Day

Saturday, July 13th

NYMC Events

June 29th to July 6th -Patriotic Week

July 7th to July 13th -Nerd Week

July 14th to July 20th -College Week

July 21 to July 27th - Celebrity lookalike 

July 28th to August 3- Sport Week

NYMWinter Recitals

December 8th at Adelphi and 4th at Steinway Gallery

Carnegie Hall

January 17th

 NYMC has OVER 600 students!

Ana S

Deanna C

Maria K

Olivia P

Natalie A

Emma B

Grace B

Tara K

Alda M

Matthew P

Ephraim L

Ephraim G

Lorenzo R

Niles P

Julissa A

Ariel T

Charlotte G

Ryan F

Robbie M

Kayla U

Kaylee C

Ayden T

Caleb R

Casey J

Benjamin M

Melissa J

Jaron H

Bianca Muniz’N

Ian N

Micheline N

Carl A

Dayanara G

Thomas S

Arpan J

Lara N

Michael B

Alexander E

Juliana S

Tara K

Jessica H

Sonia L

Deanna C

Cayce D

Fayshana C

Erlis H

Eli A

Jurni J

Emma R

Maya C

Chloe L

Ariel R

Jazmine R

Jordan F

Andrea A

Jake J

Alexandra M

Mathew A

Janene B

Armani R

Malachi S

Ariana B

Suhani K

Sanjana K

Jocelyn M

Jocelyn M

Heather P

Joseph H

Jayne H

Aaron A

Eliana C

Frank V

Andrew V

Daniel M

Giovanni M

Jack R

Hellen C

Hanna C

William S

Diana O

Veronica G

Abby G

Lucas W

Henry W

Anthony F

Raffaela A

Eden B

Agam B

Edy V

Amira C

Kelsey B

Carson T

Arielle C

Mikella R

Grace H

Nancy W

Marisa M

Tanisha T

Is Your Teacher Sold Out?

Many teachers have sold out. If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list.

If you are not a student yet there are still limited lessons spots available. To inquire about openings for January or February please send an e-mail to:

 We have 45 teachers available. To inquire about openings for July, you can call the office at 516-809-6589 or email

Ashli- 10 spots

Deme- sold out

Jessica- 3 spots

Ghazal- 6 spots

Lexi- 5 spots

Deanna- 4 spots

Dan- sold out

Chrissy- 2 spot

Marcus- Sold out

Christian- 2 spots

Evelyn- 8 spots


We Love Referrals!
Every time you refer a new student - You will get 2 free lessons and entered into our contest to win tickets to see Hamilton!!

Thank you to the following families for your recent referrals!

Kolinsky Family

Reid Family

Montana Family

Eisenberg Family

& Arnoff Family

Each month we hold referral contests because we LOVE meeting new friends to share music with.

Thank You for Your Referrals!